Saturday, August 28, 2010

Massage..get what you pay for!

Have you ever looked forward to a Massage..only to find that
your therapist did not meet your expectations?
Not enough pressure...short on time...etc? I have!
 You'd think being a therapist , that I wouldn't be shy to voice my needs.
 After enduring several poor quality massages..I lost the fear of speaking up..
and started to interview the therapist before I booked the appt.
Bingo! Communication is the key to getting what you want!
Here are some hints to finding the right therapist:
  • *Ask for background qualifications
  • *Request a full hour of "hands on" massage..You are paying for an hour!
  • *Ask about insurance Billing (you may have coverage that you are not aware of)
  • *Communicate the type of massage and pressure you require
  • *Ask about heat..and
  • *Commucicate your fears..or hesitations, including negative or postive massages you've had

I have been practicing Medical Massage Through Chiropractic Assisting...Physical Therapy Assisting and Now, for the past 7 years.. on my own in a wellness center. With a combination of Communication,  heat, Stretching..Perfect Pressure...and a relaxing environment..I provide the type of massage that is suited to each person as an individual.
My clients schedule appts for some of the following reasons:
Auto/sports injuries
Trigger Points
Anxiety Relief
Conditions~ such as Fibromyalgia, Tendonitis, Hypertoned Muscles, Depression..Anxiety etc.

  • I do bill insurance
  • Gift Cerificates are Available
  • offer discounts for first time clients..and package rates
  • offer Heat and Ice at no extra charge
Please feel free to call me with any questions..and DO schedule! :)
Kerri Hobson, L.M.T. #1573

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  1. So thankful for the people I meet...and connections that form from this occupation. Been mixing it up a bit..and doing outcall/chair massage...which leads to new clients..and friendships. :)

    I know that I'm in the right field when a client emails or calls with positive feedback. Knowing that you can make a difference,by simply listening..and providing a service that's good for the mind as well as the body is priceless. On days that I feel drained...the feedback keeps me going...and motivates me to keep growing as a well as a profesional.

    Thanks for the support!